How Do Warranties Work for New Kitchens?

Investing on a kitchen renovation can be a total game changer when redecorating your home and can give it an entirely new feel. Although this tends to be a big initial spend, kitchens tend to be durable and therefore money well spent.

The average estimated cost of a new kitchen in the UK was £8,000 in 2020, including fitting costs but can range from anything between £5,000 and £14,000. However, the exact cost of a new kitchen will vary depending on the kitchen size, the materials used and the style.

In order to guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth, the majority of kitchen fittings will offer warranty.


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How Does Warranty Work?

When something has a full warranty, a company is making a guarantee to the customer that they will replace or repair any damage or faults during the warranty period. Limited warranties work in a similar way but will only cover certain types of defects or specific parts which are specified upon purchase.


How Long Does A Typical Kitchen Last?

Good quality kitchens can last over 20 years and in some cases up to 50 years making the initial purchases well worth it for what it can offer in longevity. Cabinets are known for being one of the longest lasting components of the kitchen. This will depend largely on what material you choose to furnish your kitchen with as some materials are more hardwearing than others.

For example, surfacing the worktops with a cheaper material like laminate will lead to a cheaper initial payout but will give rise to easy marking and scratches which may need to be replaced sooner. More durable materials such as granite or marble may be a bigger hit to your wallet when doing the reformation but will need to be replaced far less frequently.


What Is The Standard Warranty On A Kitchen?

The warranty of a kitchen will vary between suppliers and can run anywhere from 5 to 25 years. In general, more expensive or custom cabinets will have a longer warranty.

Like any legal document, you should read the warranty information carefully before undergoing any kitchen work as this is essentially the contractual agreement you are entering with the supplier.


What Does Kitchen Warranty Cover?


  • Any defects
  • Scratched surfaces
  • Broken cabinet doors
  • Broken hinges
  • Labour for any fixes
  • Replacement materials


The majority of kitchen warranties will cover any defects in the material that is used to construct your kitchen. For example, this could be a scratched surface of the cabinet door or a broken hinge.

Additionally, warranty will normally cover the labour of any poor workmanship for the kitchen as well.


marble kitchen light and dark cupboards

A warranty can replace anything in the kitchen that is defective or accidentally faulty, but it cannot replace or pay for things as a result of wear and tear or misuse


What Is Not Covered by Warranty?

There are certain elements which will not be covered by warranty and these tend to be common across suppliers including:

  • misuse
  • natural ageing or wear and tear
  • any labour to replace defective materials


If the user is negligent or fails to use the kitchen properly, this cannot be covered by the company. For example, if a drawer breaks due to too much force or if a scratch is the result of using a knife directly on the work surface, this is the error of the user.

Ageing and wear and tear will depend hugely on the choice of material for your kitchen. For example, a wood kitchen is subject to change due to a range of environmental factors such as the amount of sunlight it receives as well as different cleaning products. Paintwork will also give rise to cracking over time just due to the natural humidity of the household. All of this is considered natural and therefore is not an imperfection or defect that is covered by warranties.

For defective items, the warranty will ensure that these are replaced as soon as possible. However, the associated labour costs to install or replace these defects is not usually covered. You should claim the warranty as soon as there is any damage in order to try and avoid extreme costs associated with non-covered repairs.


Is a Warranty Transferable?

More often than not, warranties are only valid for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to the new owners upon purchase of the property. However, you can always speak to the original kitchen company or supplier to discuss this further.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews


What a wonderful experience from beginning to end. We certainly weren’t the easiest customers , we weren’t sure what we wanted or when ! However Donna, Richard, Rich and their amazing team guided us through the process with utter professionalism as well as warmth and patience. The results exceeded our expectations, particularly the attention to every detail. They wouldn’t rest until they knew we were happy with everything. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or use them again.

Leighton Home Style

Thanks to all the team at The Woodworks for working with me on yet another great project.
Beautiful design managed and delivered on time and VERY happy clients

Look forward to our future projects together!

Alan Burton

Woodworks provided us with excellent service, from planning and design to finished kitchen

Build quality is excellent and it really does give the house the WOW factor

Our kitchen was part of a new build process for house we have built from scratch. Deadlines constantly moved, and Woodworks worked around everybody to get the job done on time and in full

After sales is very good, with tweaks to doors and cupboards all part of the service!

Sarah Innes

It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with The Wood Works. Our existing kitchen was 20 years old, and the layout of the room did not make use of the available space. Josh produced inspired ideas for re-designing the whole area, and really listened to what we wanted to achieve, patiently fine-tuning the plans to our particular requirements. We are now the proud owners of a stunning and practical new kitchen which has completely exceeded our expectations. When my sister visited for the first time, she said "it looks like the kitchen of a celebrity chef!" (which I am not). What a transformation. The Wood Works is a family-run business, and that really shows in terms of their professional service, quality of fittings, attention to detail, reliability and easy communication. Nothing was too much trouble. At the start of the project, Josh promised we would have our kitchen by Christmas. I was sceptical as we were in the midst of the pandemic, but they delivered as promised, with no hitches. Thoroughly recommend.


Brilliant Service!
They designed, built, and fitted my new kitchen.
Extremely happy and will be recommending to my friends and family.

Sian Baker

Over the moon with our new kitchen!
The design is exactly what we wanted, the fitters were excellent, and the craftsmanship is fantastic.
Everyone at The Wood Works helped to make the process as smooth and as easy as possible.
I would recommend them to anyone looking at getting a new kitchen.

Ruhel 4 November, 2021

We are delighted with the kitchen supplied and fitted by The Woodworks. The design, look and quality is brilliant. The designer (Tom Dodd), the project manager (Andy Neville) and the fitters were all brilliant. Always helpful and responsive. A really pleasing experience with Woodworks and a brilliant finished kitchen.

The design collated by Tom was brilliant and tailored brilliantly to our exact requirements.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Sue Finegold 22 December 2021

We have a beautiful kitchen of the highest quality The company are efficient friendly and nothing is too much trouble.
Richard and Donna designed everything for us to perfection. All their staff are really great.